IZUMI, a new Japanese lure manufacturing company, introduces several line-ups of baits for predator fish in the European market, such as Shad Alive swimbaits, Master series crankbaits, Long Lip and Eiman stickbaits, silicon UMAMI baits and Gastronomic Worms, as well as ice-fishing baits.  All the prototypes were designed and adapted to local fishing conditions after being field-tested in different regions of Europe and approved by well-known Russian fishing experts.  A Google search for “Izumi Shad Alive” will surprisingly show a considerable increase in demand toward Izumi lures not only in the local area but all over the world.  Hi-quality finish, durable components and accessories, innovative design, and adaptability to fishing conditions are the main features of IZUMI’s products.  A brief review of the number of patented innovations applied to such a simple ordinary bait like UMAMI’s vertical jigging lure or silicone bait reveals a creative and extraordinary approach in lure design and above all deep knowledge of manufacturing craftsmanship.  Thus, Izumi will continue to bring more excitement in the future by developing new sophisticated products.

Sincerely Yours,

Andrey Shipilov, Izumi