swimbaits Shad Alive 120 (Shad Alive Perch)
Shad Alive 120 (Shad Alive Perch)

Swimbait Shad Alive 120 (Shad Alive Perch)

Shad Alive Perch 120 mm is a five-piece realistic swimbait imitating a perch. Its color chart corresponds to the environmental conditions of the area and tends from light color shades in the rivers to the dark color shades in peat ponds. Shad Alive Perch boasts very realistic performance at any speed or animation type, whether twitching or stop-and-go action. Three versions of bait are available: floating, sinking and fast sinking. Thus, you can easily select the most suitable lure to a certain depth. Being conscious that perch is a preferable fry food of trophy pikes in most ponds, we developed this top-attractive bait with realistic color and an exact copy of a real perch's shape to assure maximum attractiveness to monstrous pike.

Model: Weight, g: Type: Level, m: Size, mm:
Shad Alive 120 24,1 floating 0 - 0,5 120
Shad Alive 120 26,1 slow sinking 0 - 3 120
Shad Alive 120 29,0 fast sinking 1 - 4 120

Color Chart: