New Water Fly series wins exhibition in Russia.

Publish date: 14.09.2011

As expected, the 30-th international exhibition "Hunting and Fishing in Russia", which was from 9 to 12 September 2012 in Moscow, attracted a huge number of people. Fishing season starts just now and a lot of anglers are looking forward for a winter. It's not a secret that winter fishing is very popular in Russia.

Among the huge number of exhibitors, the stand which our company presented, was evidently distinguished.

Our stand was situated just next to the main entrance to the pavilion. There were placed two pools: the traditional,8-meter, where Yuri Fedorov showed their skills and capabilities of swimbaits “Shad Alive,” which have established a reputation as well as unique silicone baits whit the air chamber Umami.

At this time we also have pleased our visitors with a new indoor winter swimming pool to demonstrate the novelties of this exhibition – which have no analogy in the world, winter balances Fly - series. Fly-серии.

Our winter fishing expert demonstrated the features of the wiring and the possibilities of baits FlyRoach, FlyPike, FlyPikeJ in the new winter pool.

A huge number of people appreciated theese unique baits, and created a buying craze around the pool, many of them bought it for fishing in open water and in winter.

We are very proud to say, that the presentation of new products Fly-series was held at the highest level, and has received many good reviews from both - the fishing experts, and from the ordinary people - the market did not spoil them a long time with such unique novelties.